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"I’ve seen you guys on eBay – what’s that all about?"


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Yes, we are South_Side_Trains on eBay and on average we have approximately 100 listings per week. This is a consignment service offered to our customers. Our auctions typically run from Tuesdays to Saturdays and the opening bids are between $20.99 and $29.99.  We run our auctions from Monday night through Saturday night.  If there are no items listed below, we are in between auctions.

We are always interested in quality consignments.  

If you wish to inquire about a consignment please give me a call (Tom – 414-482-1566). Before we accept a consignment for auction, we extensively review the items and discuss with you your expectations before they are sent to auction.

"If I'm in the area and I buy something, can I pick it up at the store?"

Of course, that has become a very popular option for eBay buyers in the area.  If you want to pick your purchase(s) up at the store we only ask two things:

  1. Contact us either through eBay's email service (Contact Seller) or by giving me a call at the store to notify us you are intending to pick your goodies up at the store.  We can then redo the invoice to eliminate the shipping charge.
  2. Pay for the item when you pick it up at the store.

ALSO:  Feel free to stop by the store if you want to inspect a lot before you bid.

"Can I pay for an item over with a check / MO / or credit card rather than using paypal?"

No problem.  When calling with a credit card please have your 3 digit 'v' code handy and the billing address for the card.  Also, we do not save, store, or retain any CC information, and CC information is never entered into a computer.  I have a hard telephone line credit card machine which is not connected to the internet and all CC information provided by you is destroyed immediately after the card has been verified.  I am the only one with access to your CC information.  It would save me a lot of time to take CC payments through this website, but I don't trust the level of security I could afford to provide to protect your card.